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Custom Corrugated Plastic Boxes

Reusable corrugated plastic containers have a wide variety of applications across any industry. If you’re looking for custom plastic corrugated containers, we can meet any specific need that you may have. We can fill smaller quantities, custom box specifications, design requirements, and more, all without set-up fees or die charges.

Custom plastic boxes are primarily used as re-usable, returnable containers. We can produce a wide range of custom box styles, totes, trays, inserts, packaging materials, and more. We can create the custom-sized boxes and packaging solutions you need for your specific application. 

Our custom packaging boxes made of plastic are extremely durable and can withstand a variety of shipping demands. Our plastic corrugated custom-cut boxes are also available in a range of color options. We can create custom plastic boxes in custom quantities (1 to 1000) with no die charges. We can turn around orders in these quantities in 3-15 business days. *These items can be produced without printing only.

Please send the specific size and quantity you require, and we’ll get back to you in just a few hours with a quote! You can also contact us for any additional information or to discuss your specific requests.

Image of a Plastic Corrugated Box open without partitions.Image of an open Plastic Corrugated Box.Image of a closed Plastic Corrugated Box.

Did you know... 

also does customization for shipping boxes that will be handled by forklifts or other machines. Make sure your product arrives safely with custom shipping boxes and packaging materials protecting it.

From made-to-order boxes to custom material handling solutions, trust Custom Made Boxes!

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