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Five Panel Folder

Five Panel Folder (FPF): Secure Packaging for Long and Narrow Items


The Five Panel Folder (FPF) is a unique packaging design specifically crafted to accommodate the shipment of long items with a small depth. This innovative container features multi-layered corrugated ends, providing enhanced support and protection. The FPF is designed to prevent your merchandise from piercing through the packaging, ensuring its safe arrival at its destination.

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Key Features of the Five Panel Folder (FPF)


The Five Panel Folder (FPF) offers several key features that make it an excellent choice for secure shipping:


  • Multi-layered corrugated ends: The FPF's multi-layered corrugated ends provide superior strength and durability, ensuring the safe transportation of your long and narrow items.


  • Secure containment: With its sturdy construction, the FPF securely contains your merchandise, preventing it from shifting or getting damaged during transit.


  • Customizable options: The FPF can be customized to meet your specific needs, including size, dimensions, and branding requirements. This allows for a tailored packaging solution that aligns with your product and brand identity. Please note that no dimension can be less than 1.5” for this style.


Benefits of Using Five Panel Folders (FPF)


Choosing the Five Panel Folder for packaging and shipping your long and narrow items offers several benefits:


  • Enhanced protection: The robust design of the FPF provides superior protection against impacts and handling during transportation, reducing the risk of damage to your merchandise.


  • Versatile applications: The FPF is suitable for a wide range of industries and products, including tubes, poles, rods, and other long and narrow items that require secure and reliable packaging.


  • Cost-effective solution: The FPF's efficient design and customizable options ensure optimized use of materials, resulting in cost savings without compromising on product protection.


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