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Double Cover Box

Double Cover Box: Secure Shipping for Very Large Items


The Double Cover box is specifically designed for packaging very large items. It utilizes a telescoping tray at both the top and bottom of the box. The telescoping trays slide over a large cardboard sleeve, providing comprehensive coverage and protection for the remainder of your product. This construction ensures secure packaging for oversized items during storage and transportation.

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Key Features of the Double Cover Box


The Double Cover box offers several notable features:


  • Telescoping tray design: The use of telescoping trays as the top and bottom of the box allows for easy access to the contents while providing maximum protection and stability.


  • Large cardboard sleeve: The large cardboard sleeve serves as the central cover for the remaining portion of your product, ensuring comprehensive coverage and added strength.


  • Options for center sleeve attachment: The center sleeve of the Double Cover box can be attached using either glue or staples, depending on your specific packaging requirements.


  • Customizable sidewall tabs: Customers have the option to staple tabs to the sidewall of the covers, offering additional reinforcement and security for the packaging.


Benefits of Using Double Cover Boxes


Choosing the Double Cover box for your very large items offers several benefits:


  • Secure and robust packaging: The Double Cover box provides exceptional protection for very large items, safeguarding them against impacts, moisture, and other external factors.


  • Easy access and assembly: The telescoping tray design allows for convenient access to the contents from both the top and bottom of the box. The assembly process is simple and efficient, ensuring quick packaging.


  • Customization options: We understand that your very large items may have unique packaging requirements. The Double Cover box can be customized according to your size specifications, branding needs, and additional features.


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The Double Cover box is the perfect packaging solution for very large items, offering secure protection and easy access to the contents. Its telescoping tray design, combined with a large cardboard sleeve, ensures comprehensive coverage and durability. Customize your Double Cover boxes with center sleeve attachment options and sidewall tabs for added reinforcement. Contact us today to discuss your specific packaging needs and elevate the protection of your very large items with Double Cover boxes.

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