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A mailer is a great option if you need to mail paper goods or flat items. Choose from a variety of shipping materials, sizes, protection levels, and more. 

Don't settle for less than a perfect fit for your items. If you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call at (515) 309-6155 and we would be happy to help you find the perfect shipping solution for your items. Or, browse our inventory and product details to find a specific type of envelope or mailer.


Kraft Self-Seal Bubble Mailers 

Bubble Mailers

Heavy-duty Bubble mailers provide lightweight protection for your products.

  • Mailers feature a 3/16" high slip bubble lining for easy insertion of products.
  • Peel and stick lip provides a secure, tamper-evident closure.
  • Recycled golden kraft paper exterior.

Cool Barrier Bubble Mailers 

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An economical choice for shipping perishable or temperature sensitive items.

  • 3/16", bubble lining protects contents from damage while outer thermal material helps maintain a desired temperature.
  • Puncture-resistant and water-repellent mailers are lightweight, yet durable.
  • Feature "peel and seal" strip for closure.

Flat Mailers

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Strong chipboard mailers protect photos and documents during shipping.

  • Manufactured from .036 kraft chipboard.
  • Lightweight to save on postage.
  • No additional stiffeners needed.
  • Tab lock closure.

Glamour Mailers 

Double-Wall Boxes image

Twice the protection of a standard carton.

  • Manufactured from Heavy-duty 500# D.W./ECT-71 kraft corrugated.
  • Heavy-duty construction provides greater protection and stacking strength.
  • UPS rates these cartons up to 140# capacity.

Jiffy Rigi Bag Mailers

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These mailers provide superior corner and edge protection.

  • Kraft, laminated fiberboard construction prevents movement of contents and resists bending, folding and creasing.
  • No need for additional stiffeners.
  • Mailer features a high-strength, cohesive self-seal flap.
  • Simply insert contents and fold over.
  • Tear strip for easy opening.

Nylon-Reinforced Mailers 

Nylon-Reinforced Mailers


Reinforced mailers are a perfect solution for shipping items that do not require additional cushioning.

  • Mailers are made with heavy-duty nylon fibers which make them tear-resistant during shipping.
  • Lighter weight than most other mailers to save on shipping costs.
  • Self-Seal Mailers feature a natural rubber adhesive that only sticks to itself.
  • Gusseted style allows for shipping bulky items.

Padded Mailers

Padded Mailer

Economical and sustainable alternative to Poly Padded Mailers.

  • Strong, lightweight cushioning protects the package during shipment.
  • Sustainable mailers are curbside recyclable.

Paper Envelopes

Heavy-Duty Multi-Depth Boxes image

Choose from a variety of closures, styles, and size options! 

  • Gummed or non-gummed flaps are available. 
  • Single seal or re
  • Allows flat storage for larger items.
  • 28 lb. envelopes.

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