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Five Panel Folder Center Fold

Five Panel Folder - Center Fold (FPFCF): Convenient Packaging for Flat Items


The Five Panel Folder - Center Fold (FPFCF) is similar to the standard five panel folder, but with a distinct feature. With the FPFCF, you can place your product on the box and wrap the box around it, allowing for a seamless and compact packaging solution. The flaps of the FPFCF come together in the center of the top of the box, providing added protection and stability during transit.

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Key Features of the Five Panel Folder - Center Fold (FPFCF)


The Five Panel Folder - Center Fold (FPFCF) offers several key features that make it an ideal choice for shipping flat items:


  • Convenient center fold design: The FPFCF allows for easy assembly and wrapping around your flat items, ensuring a snug and secure fit. The flaps coming together in the center of the top of the box provide additional strength and support.


  • Versatile application: The FPFCF is specifically designed for shipping flat items like framed pieces and signs. Its structure and design provide optimal protection and stability during transportation.


Benefits of Using Five Panel Folder - Center Fold (FPFCF)


Utilizing the Five Panel Folder - Center Fold (FPFCF) for your packaging needs offers several benefits:


  • Efficient packaging process: The FPFCF's user-friendly design simplifies the packaging process for flat items. With its convenient center fold feature, you can quickly wrap the box around your merchandise, saving time and effort.


  • Secure protection for flat items: The sturdy construction and centered flaps of the FPFCF ensure reliable protection during shipping. Your flat items, such as framed pieces and signs, will be safeguarded against damage and bending.


  • Customizable dimensions: We understand that flat items come in various sizes. The FPFCF can be customized to accommodate different dimensions, ensuring a tailored fit for your specific merchandise. Please note that no dimensions can be less than 1.5” for this style. 


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When it comes to shipping flat items securely, trust the Five Panel Folder - Center Fold (FPFCF). Contact us today to discuss your packaging requirements and request a custom quote. Our packaging experts will assist you in finding the perfect solution for your flat merchandise, ensuring it reaches its destination in pristine condition.


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