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Bubble, Foam and Cushioning

Bubble pack, foam, and various cushioning materials are indispensable in the battle to safeguard items during packaging and transit. These protective packaging solutions come in a diverse range of materials, including foam, plastic, vermiculite, and paper. These protective products ensure a versatile shield against the perils of transportation. Designed to cradle and shield delicate contents, these products act as a sturdy fortress, guarding against the relentless jostling and vibrations that occur during shipping.

The bubble pack uses air-filled pockets to absorb shocks and prevent damage to fragile goods. Foam, with its pliable yet resilient nature, molds itself around items, providing custom-fit protection that is essential for oddly shaped or bulky items. The range extends to plastic, vermiculite, and paper, each material offering a unique set of characteristics to meet the specific needs of diverse products.

Whether it's safeguarding delicate glassware, securing containers of liquids, or cradling items of varying weights, these protective products stand as guardians of the integrity of shipped items. All products are available in bulk. 

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Air Pillows

air pillows

One machine quickly and easily makes different kinds of air cushioning as you need it!

  • Compact and easy-to-use machine creates 25 feet of cushioning in one minute and fits on any tabletop or workspace.
  • Maximize storage space - one roll of inflatable air cushioning film replaces 6 3/4 bags of 14 cubic foot loose fill!
  • Machine "reads" the air cushioning film and automatically sets the correct air fill pressure and sealing pressure.
  • Quiet for small packaging environments and perfect for shipping 1 to 150 boxes a day!
  • Air cushioning film technology allows air to move between pockets instead of popping, thereby eliminating deflated bubbles and potential product damage during shipping.


Bubble Products

Bubble wrap

Nothing cushions like a blanket of air!

  • Air bubble makes excellent cushioning and void-fill.
  • Protects against shock, abrasion and vibration.
  • 3/16" bubble offers light cushioning for small items, 5/16" bubble for medium items - general purpose cushioning and 1/2" bubble for large items.
  • Sold in 48" master bundles.
  • Use with optional Roll Storage System.

Cohesive Singleface

cohesive singleface

Make your own "custom box" for non-fragile products quickly without tape or glue.

  • Cold seal cohesive singleface sticks to itself - not to your products.
  • Place product on singleface, wrap and seal by pressing the cohesive side of the singleface together.

Foam Products 

Foam rolls

Non-abrasive, lightweight Air Foam is filled with thousands of cushioning air cells to protect your product.

  • Pink Anti-Static foam protects sensitive electronic components from static discharge.
  • Shock-absorbing foam protects delicate items.
  • Provides light cushioning and surface protection.
  • Moisture-resistant.

Instapak Quick


Room Temperature Foam in a Bag System.

  • Protect anything and everything, anywhere!
  • No equipment required! Completely portable!
  • Works the same as Instapak Quick® without the need of a preheating warming unit.
  • Recommended temperature range is 65° - 90° F.
  • Chemicals are activated in the bag so no clean up is required.


Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper

Pre-cut sheets make packing easier.

  • 100% recycled.
  • Available in 50 lb. bundles.

Kraft Paper Crumpler 

Kraft Paper Crumpler

Unique device quickly and easily crumples paper.

  • Dispense, crumple and cut rolls of paper for a fast, effective and economic void fill.
  • Solid steel construction with a built-in cut-off blade.
  • Holds up to 24" roll.

Loose Fill

Loose fill

Perfect for small-volume shipments.

  • 7 cubic foot bags are Parcel Ready.
  • 20 cubic foot bags ship via truck only.




Economical void-fill. A great stuffer!

  • Unprinted newsprint is made from 100% recycled paper.
  • Low-priced, all-purpose void fill.
  • Convenient pre-cut sheets.
  • Unprinted and clean.

Roll Paper Cutters

Roll Paper Cutters

Stacked cutter saves valuable packing space!

  • Strongly constructed for extra durability.
  • Cuts paper rolls evenly and smoothly.
  • Can be mounted on counter or sits flat on floor.
  • Add casters for mobility.



Flexible Singleface Corrugated conforms to all shapes and sizes.

  • A Flute - raised 1/4" flutes provide shock-absorbing cushioning and crush resistance.
  • B Flute -1/8" raised fluting provides for easier wrapping.
  • Use to protect metal and glass parts.
  • SF60 and SF72 ship via truck only.



Crumples easily for packing into small cartons and mailers.

  • Perfect for wrapping glass or other fragile items.
  • Economical void fill.

VCI Products

VCI Product

Use Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) paper to cover or wrap ferrous metal parts or surfaces.

  • Chemically treated paper continuously vaporizes creating an environment that blocks out rust, corrosion and oxidation.
  • One square foot of VCI Paper for every one cubic foot of packaging area is recommended.
  • Completely wrap for maximum protection.



Use when shipping liquids.

  • Grade 1A: Fine - Most absorbent.
  • Grade 2A: Medium - Absorbs spills and provides good cushioning properties.
  • Grade 3A: Coarse - Safeguards fluid containers.
  • Grade 4A: Extra Coarse - Largest size. Provides excellent cushioning.

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