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Pads, Scored Pads, & Packing Pieces

Pads, Scored Pads, and Packing Pieces for Boxes


At Custom Made Boxes, we offer a comprehensive range of pads, scored pads, and packing pieces designed to meet your packaging needs. These versatile and customizable solutions are essential for complying with carrier packaging regulations while providing optimal support and protection for your merchandise during transit.

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Available Options:


  • Cut-to-size Pads: Our cut-to-size pads are precisely tailored to fit your specific box dimensions. These pads create a cushioning layer between the product and the box, minimizing the risk of damage caused by shocks and vibrations during transportation. With customizable thickness options, we ensure a snug fit and maximum protection for your items.


  • Scored Pads: Scored pads feature pre-folded lines, allowing for easy folding and assembly. These pads are ideal for creating partitions, dividers, or layering within the box to separate and secure multiple products. By using scored pads, you can effectively organize and protect your items, ensuring they remain in place during shipping.


  • Packing Pieces: Our packing pieces are designed to offer additional strength, support, and stability to the shipping container. These pieces help distribute the weight evenly and prevent shifting of the merchandise, reducing the risk of damage. Whether you need corner pieces, angles, or inner packing pieces, we have a variety of options to meet your specific packaging requirements.


Benefits of Pads, Scored Pads, and Packing Pieces:


  • Compliance with Packaging Regulations: Our inner packing pieces are designed to meet carrier packaging regulations, ensuring that your shipments are compliant and properly protected.


  • Enhanced Product Security: These packing elements firmly hold merchandise in place, reducing movement and minimizing the risk of damage during transit.


  • Customizable Solutions: We offer a range of customizable options, including size, thickness, and materials, allowing you to create tailored packing solutions that best suit your products.


  • Improved Shipping Efficiency: By utilizing pads, scored pads, and packing pieces, you can optimize the use of space within the shipping container, increasing efficiency and reducing shipping costs.


  • Protection for Fragile and Delicate Items: The cushioning and support provided by these packing elements are particularly beneficial for fragile and delicate items, ensuring they arrive at their destination in pristine condition.


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