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Full Overlap Carton

Full Overlap Carton Boxes (FOL): Exceptional Protection for Your Products


The Full Overlap Carton (FOL) is a robust and reliable box style known for its exceptional resistance to rough handling. The FOL's unique design features outer flaps that fully overlap, providing an extra layer of protection for your products. This added durability ensures that your items remain safe and secure during storage, transportation, and handling.

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Features of the Full Overlap Carton (FOL)


The Full Overlap Carton (FOL) boasts several key features that make it a preferred packaging choice:


  • Overlapping flaps: The FOL's outer flaps fully overlap each other, creating a reinforced structure that enhances the box's strength and durability. This overlap provides superior resistance to external impacts and safeguards your products.


  • Stackability: Thanks to the extra corrugated board on the top and bottom panels, the FOL box design allows for efficient stacking on its side. This feature optimizes storage space and simplifies handling during transportation and warehousing.


  • Options for joint type: The FOL can be constructed with either a glued or stapled joint, offering flexibility to choose the most suitable closure method for your specific packaging needs. Both options provide secure and reliable closures.


Benefits of Using Full Overlap Cartons (FOL)


Selecting Full Overlap Cartons for your packaging requirements offers several advantages:


  • Superior protection: The FOL's robust construction and overlapping flaps ensure exceptional protection for your products. It minimizes the risk of damage caused by rough handling, impacts, and stacking.


  • Versatility: The FOL is suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. It can safely package various items, including fragile, heavy, or irregularly shaped products.


  • Efficient storage and handling: The stackable design of the FOL allows for efficient use of storage space, maximizing warehouse capacity. It also simplifies loading and unloading operations, streamlining your logistics processes.


  • Customization options: We offer customization services to tailor the Full Overlap Carton to your specific requirements. Whether it's branding, printing, or size adjustments, we can help you create a packaging solution that aligns with your brand image and product needs.


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When it comes to ensuring the safety and protection of your products, the Full Overlap Carton (FOL) stands out as a reliable and efficient packaging solution. Its overlapping flaps and stackable design provide superior strength and durability. Explore the benefits and customization options of the FOL for your packaging needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can elevate your packaging game with the Full Overlap Carton (FOL).

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