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About Us

Wondering where you can buy corrugated boxes in small quantities, custom made to your exact specifications, without set-up fees or die charges?

Any Time ... Standard 1 week delivery, same day available
Any Size ... Custom Boxes for shipping anything from baseballs to refrigerators
Any Style ... See our many styles on our box sizing page
Any Quantity ... One box to any quantity (we specialize in quantities of 1000 or Fewer)
Avoid Expenses ... NO die charges or set-up fees

Custom Made Boxes has called the Des Moines area home since 1998. Our founder saw that many companies had a need for short run custom boxes at cost-effective prices, but they were not available. From this need, Custom Made Boxes was started. Very few box manufacturers will print just one box for a customer, but we are happy to do so. We offer the best prices to customers who are printing between 1-1000 boxes, unlike the big retailers who want mass orders. Our concentration has remained the same over the years: serve the customers (ranging from start-ups to large manufacturers) who need smaller quantities of boxes, fast, and at the best possible price.

Need to print logos, addresses, or phone numbers on a custom-made or stock box? We can help! Whether you are shipping to a client, or shipping something you sold on eBay, we have the right box and printing for you. Even printing your logo on a box can be quick and inexpensive with Custom Made Boxes. We have basic colors, with more available upon request, to put your brand on each box that goes out your door. Once you give us your print information we will keep it on file, so that it is available for more prints at any time.

Did you know Custom Made Boxes also does handwork? We do customization for shipping boxes that will be handled by forklifts or other machines. Make sure your product arrives safely with custom boxes protecting it.

Custom Made Boxes has assisted a wide range of companies over the years. From coast to coast, we have serviced almost every imaginable industry. On the West coast, art houses often need odd sizes of art shipped while on the East coast, shipping CD's and other music related items is common. Custom Made Boxes can create a box of any size. Some of the other companies who have used our services include The FBI, John Deere, and The US Mint. Our boxes were even featured in the movie, American Gangster! Add your company's name to our extensive list of customers, and let us help you with your box and shipping needs.

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