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Plastic Boxes in Custom Shapes & Sizes
Wondering where you can buy corrugated boxes in small quantities, custom made to your exact specifications, without set-up fees or die charges?
BoxesThe main use for plastic boxes is as re-usable, returnable containers. We can produce all the various boxes, dividers, pads and other style items as outlined on this site (under Corrugated.)

Boxes made of plastic are very durable and can withstand multiple shipping demands. We can create boxes in custom quantities, (1) to (1000) with no die charges. We can turn around orders in these quantities in (3) to (15) working days. These items can be produced without printing only.

Please send the size and quantity you require, we will be back to you in a few hours with a quote. The plastic corrugated boxes are available in many colors. Request a quote using our online Quote Form!

Plastic BoxesCustom Boxes

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Did you know Custom Made Boxes also does handwork? One example of this is our waterproof corrugated pallets. We build each one by hand - these are often shipped overseas to areas that don't allow wood pallets. Additionally, we also do customization for shipping boxes that will be handled by forklifts or other machines. Make sure your product arrives safely with custom boxes protecting it.

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