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Corrugated Cardboard and Plastic Cartons
Wondering where to buy boxes for your particular need? We can manufacture corrugated cardboard cartons, plastic boxes, and cardboard containers of virtually ANY size and shape.
Box SizingNote: Box dimensions are always inside dimensions and must be stated in the sequence of length, width and depth. Box Sizing

The length is always the larger of the two dimensions of the open face (flap opening); the width is the smaller. The depth is always the distance perpendicular to the length and width, and is measured from the inside of the box

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  • ECT 32 Single Wall Corrugated Kraft with 200 lbs. corner crush resistance and 65 lbs. internal weight rating.
  • ECT 44 Heavy Duty Single Wall Corrugated Kraft 275 lbs. corner crush resistance and 90 lbs. internal weight rating.
  • ECT 51 Double Wall Corrugated Kraft with 350 lbs. corner crush resistance and 120 lbs. internal weight rating.
  • ECT 32 Single Wall Corrugated White with 200 lbs. corner crush resistance and 65 lbs. internal weight rating.
  • Plastic - Coroplast 4 Mil. Rated same as Single Wall Corrugated. Comes in multiple colors.
Click on the type of box you need, if you're not sure, click here for details on each type of box we make:


Custom Made Boxes has called the Des Moines area home since 1998. Our founder saw that many companies had a need for short run custom boxes at cost-effective prices, but they were not available. From this need, Custom Made Boxes was started. Very few box manufacturers will print just one box for a customer, but we are happy to do so. We offer the best prices to customers who are printing between 1-1000 boxes, unlike the big retailers who want mass orders. Our concentration has remained the same over the years: serve the customers (ranging from start-ups to large manufacturers) who need smaller quantities of boxes, fast, and at the best possible price.
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