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Who We Are

Custom Made Boxes was founded in 1998 on the idea that there is a large need for short run custom boxes at affordable prices.  We specialize in manufacturing as little as one box or as many as is needed.

Custom Made Boxes
is a member of the
Better Business Bureau.



Custom Made Boxes is a division of Packaging Distribution Services, Inc.

What We Do

We supply packaging:

  • Any Style
  • Any Size
  • Any Quantity
  • Any Time
  • At Affordable Prices


At Custom Made Boxes You Can:

  • Order the exact corrugated box size
  • Order the exact corrugated box quantity
  • Order the exact corrugated box style
  • Order only when needed
  • Replace damaged boxes with same style, even if only one box is needed

You Don't Have To:

  • Ship extra packing material in boxes that are too large
  • Store unused or unwanted boxes
  • Let the box plant control your shipping schedule
  • Ship products in corrugated boxes that aren't right for the job
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