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Custom Made Boxes
Wondering where you can buy corrugated boxes in small quantities, custom made to your exact specifications, without set-up fees or die charges?

Any Time ... Standard 1 week delivery, same day available
Any Size ... Custom Boxes for shipping anything from baseballs to refrigerators
Any Style ... See our many styles on our box sizing page
Any Quantity ... One box to any quantity (we specialize in quantities of 1000 or Fewer)
Avoid Expenses ... NO die charges or set-up fees

Boxes for Shipping

At Custom Made Boxes Now You Can:    Now You Don't Have To:
checkOrder the exact cardboard box size
checkOrder the exact cardboard box quantity
checkOrder the exact cardboard box style
checkOrder only when needed
checkReplace damaged boxes with same
    style, even if only one box is needed
Ship extra packing material in boxes
that are too large
Store unused or unwanted boxes
Let the box plant control your shipping schedule
Ship products in cardboard boxes that aren't right for the job

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Custom Made Boxes Contact Info
2308 Sunset Road
Des Moines, IA
Telephone: (515) 309-6155
Fax: (515) 309-6157

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